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Angry Old Man RETRO Gaming

At Angry Old Man Gaming I love sharing my passion for retro arcade and console gaming! 

Super Mario RPG, Metal Slug 3, ESP, Metroid, King of Fighter's '98, 1943, Asterix, Simpsons Arcade, TMNT Arcade, Mortal Kombat, Lords of Thunder, Rad Mobile, Neo Turf Masters, VS Super Mario Bros and many many more.

Stop by my Twitch channel to see my most recent retro gaming adventures. 

Retro Gaming Highlights

Retro Gaming Highlights

All Categories
All Categories

Dragon's Lair (Arcade-1983) - First Play Victory

Altered Beast (Arcade-1988) All Bosses

Rad Mobile (SEGA-1990)

Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder (Arcade-1992)

Highlight: Mike Tyson's Punch Out (NES-1987)

Highlight: X-Men vs Street Fighter (Arcade-1996)

Highlight: Gyruss (Arcade-1983)

Highlight: Bump 'N Jump TURBO (Arcade-1982)

Highlight: Windjammers (Arcade-1994)

Highlight: Golden Axe (Arcade-1989) All Bosses

Highlight: Alien vs Predator (Arcade-2004)

Highlight: Twinkle Star Sprites (Arcade-1996)

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