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MERCS (Arcade-1990)


Capcom - 1990

Run and Gun


  • 3 player, 3 player simultaneous

  • There are six levels, plus a final boss battle that’s counted as a seventh level

  • Weapons include machine gun, flamethrower, bazooka, and spread shot

  • POW icon increases weapons strength, it is not a screen clear

  • Player vehicles include jeeps, jet skis, and tanks


  • 8 way joystick

  • 2 button (fire/bomb)


  • An American ex-president has been kidnapped so the mercenary squad of Wolf Force is tasked with rescuing him. In the English version the setting is the l African nation of Zutula (likely a fictional South Africa). The game transitions from beach to jungle, before moving to European-style cities, shipyards, mountains, and finally an enemy base.


  • Joseph Gibson

    • Super Joe from Commando (confirmed in Bionic Commando)

  • Howard Powell

    • Former leader of an anti-terrorist task force

  • Thomas Clarke

    • Former Air Force officer, talented mechanic and weapons expert

Misc Notes

  • This is the sequel to Commando and was released 5 years after.

  • Levels scroll up, left, and right for wider levels

AOM Gaming Notes

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