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2023 TWIPY Voting is LIVE!

The TWIPYs honor the best of the best in pinball every year and winners are determined by the players of the game.

My favorite categories each year are best location and content creator. Below are who I think are the best content creators and locations in the game as well as a link for each.

If you love pinball visit these locations, check out these content creators, because they really are the cream of the crop. And remember when you drop them a like, follow, or sub...make sure you tell them that Angry Old Man Gaming sent you!

Best Location

 1) Electric Bat Arcade - Tempe, AZ

 2) District 82 Pinball Arcade - DePerre, WI

 3) The Avenue Cafe - Lansing, MI

Best Content Creator

 1) Fox Cities Pinball - Twitch

 2) Laser Los - Twitch

 3) Wild Dog Arcade - Twitch

Who earned your TWIPY votes this year for best location and content creator? Comment below to let me know, and if you haven’t voted yet this year there is still time to get your ballot cast!

Keep an eye out for my next blog which should be my top 10 pinball locations I visited in 2023 which I will be finishing while on vacation in Arizona next week. I'll also make sure to spend some time at the Electric Bat Arcade and will post an updated walkthough after the first of the year. Thanks everyone for all the support this year and have an amazing holiday season!



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