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Trog (Arcade-1990)

Trog (Arcade-1990)

Bally Midway



  • 50 stages

  • 4 player, 4 max simultaneous

  • Power ups/downs

    • Red root - speed boost

    • Yellow horseshoe - forcefield

    • Chili peppers - fireballs

    • ice jewels - freeze all islands

    • pineapples - T- Rex

    • grey mushroom - slowdown

  • In simultaneous multiplayer mode the players can either attack or defend each other

  • Extra player at 500,000 points


  • 8 direction joystick

  • 1 button (punch)


  • You play as one of four dinos in the prehistoric land of Og with the goal of collecting eggs while fighting off various cavemen called Trogs. You collect all the eggs on a level then head to "home" to advance to next level


  • Dinos: Rex red, Bloop blue, Spike yellow and Gwen lavender

  • Trogs

    • Brown - Fight w/fists

    • Red - Fight w/clubs, build fire, dig holes

    • Blue - pop up and throw stone wheels

    • Green - bounce on springs

Misc Notes

  • The game prototype did not allow you to control the dinosaurs. You just controlled a hand that placed bones on the playing field to direct the dinos to the eggs. Trogs were able to break the bones. This received very poor feedback during testing and was modified vs scrapped in a large part due to the high cost of the claymation graphics.

  • This was one of the first games to use claymation giving the game a unique look

  • Two bonuses from the prototype did not make the final version, a speed bonus and an egg bonus at the end of the levels.

  • The last island takes place in The Trog's Cave, at this cave you fight off a bunch of Trogs until they are all eliminated, then you and gather up all the gems that appear on that final stage before the credits play.

  • Jack Haeger created the artwork and "Playmation" graphics, with these the character models were created with clay animation

  • There is a Trog arcade cabinet in the film Terminator 2

  • Trog makes an appearance in other Midway games including Revolution X and CarnEvil

AOM Gaming Notes

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