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Osman (Arcade-1996)

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Play Date: February  6, 2021

  • AKA: Canon Dancer (Japan)

  • Developer: Mitchell Corporation

  • Publisher: Mitchell Corporation 

  • Platform beat 'em up

  • MAME only, never ported for home play

  • Looked at as the unofficial sequel to strider

  • Kouichi Yotsui and several other capcom staff worked on both (uncommon in the industry)


  • 1 max character

  • Main characters

    • Osman (Kirin)

  • Feels very similar to Strider (minus the weapons) with the fast paced gameplay

  • This game has very high difficulty at times as well as amazing visuals, bright vibrant colors, and great characters designs. The music seems kind of "meh".

  • After the first two bosses the next three are random order


  • Osman's boss (Jack Lyson) assigns Osman to complete an assassination on Abudllah the Slaver. Jack eventually betrays Osman. Osman then fights a huge female status who convinces him to kill for her.


  • joystick: 8 way

  • buttons: 3 [attack/jump/special power]

  • down + jump = slide


  • 1UP's "Games to play before you die list"

AOM Gaming Notes

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