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Spinmaster (Arcade-1993)

Play Date: January 3, 2021

- Spinmaster (Arcade-1993)

- Developer: Data East

- Producer: SNK

- AKA Miracle Aventure

- action platform

- 2 player

- 2 max simultaneous players

- Player 1 - Johnny (green)

- Player 2 - Tom (red)

- Controls

- joystick: 8 way

- buttons: 3 [fire/jump/super attack]

- Gameplay

- The general plot of the game is that a mysterious man hide a treasure in the forest on an island and drew the location on a map. After a long time the map became damaged and tore into 5 pieces. Our main characters Johnny and Tom had a piece of the map until Dr. De Playne showed up, stole the map as well as Johnny's girlfriend (Mary). Johnny and Tom are on a quest to save Mary, find the treasure, and defeat Dr. De Playne.

- Final boss has 5 stages

- The games lets the player select the ending. In one ending they get the treasure, in one the treasure explodes in their face, and in the third it is a monster.

- World Records

- Normal - 12m 27s BigKokonat (POL)

- Hard - 15m 40s gheb (UK)

- AOM Gaming Notes

[post play notes]

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