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Kung Fu Master (Arcade-1984)

Kung Fu Master

Irem - 1984

Beat 'em up


  • 2 player, 1 player simultaneous

  • After Thomas saves Sylvia the game repeats


  • 4 way joystick (up/down/left/right)

  • 2 button (punch/kick)


  • Thomas must battle his way through 5 side scrolling levels to save his girlfriend Sylvia who was kidnapped by Mr. X. Various enemies span the levels of the Devil's Temple including marshal arts maters at the end of each level. Thomas must defeat them all to save her.


  • Thomas - Main character

  • Sylvia - Thomas's girlfriend kidnapped by Mr. X

  • Mr. X - Gang leader and Level 5 boss

  • Sick Fighter - Level 1 boss

  • Boomerang Fighter - Level 2 boss

  • Giant - Level 3 boss

  • Black Magician - Level 4 boss

Misc Notes

  • Distributed by Data East

  • Known as Spartan X in Japan

  • The first beat 'em up, defined the genre

  • Loosely based on the Bruce Lee film "Game of Death" and Jackie Chan film "Wheels on Meals"

  • Top grossing arcade game for several months in 1984

AOM Gaming Notes

[Post Play Notes Here]

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