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Magician Lord (Arcade-1990)

Play Date: January 17, 2021

- Magician Lord

- Developer: Alpha Denshi M2

- Publisher: SNK

- action platform

- 2 player

- 1 max simultaneous player

- Controls

- joystick: 8 way

- buttons: 2 [attack/jump]

- Gameplay

- This was a launch game for the MVS and AES as well as one of the pack in games

- 8 stages each with a mythical books stole by Gal Agiese

- Can pick up orbs to transform into mythical beings

- Dragon Warrior: In this form, Elta becomes a dragon and attacks by breathing a continuous short-range fire attack that can also be aimed diagonally, unlike his standard attack.

- Waterman: In this form, Elta attacks with water bubbles that burst into water pillars upon touching the ground but only cover a small area.

- Poseidon: A more powerful version of the Waterman form, Poseidon can shoot powerful waves of water that travel along the ground for several hits but this form moves very slowly.

- Shinobi: In this form, Elta becomes a Shinobi, gaining an increase in agility and attacks with powerful magical arcs of fire, covering a wide area but are slow-moving.

- Samurai: Though limited in range, the Samurai is the only form that allows Elta to attack through walls, shields or multiple enemies, using a boomerang-styled attack that deals heavy damage.

- Raijin: The Raijin form gives a big boost to the jumping ability of Elta, as well as a unique attack that creates a continuous electrical field around his body.

- AOM Gaming Notes

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