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Gun.Smoke (Arcade-1985)

Gun.Smoke (Arcade-1985)

Play Date: September 5, 2021

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Vertical scrolling run 'n gun


  • 10 Stages

  • 2 player, 1 max simultaneous


  • joystick: 8 way

  • buttons: 3

    • Left fire

    • Center fire

    • Right fire

  • Notable moves

    • Through combining the fire buttons there are 6 total fire directions

    • Middle + L or R flattens the shot in that direction

    • L + R shoots you guns in both directions

Playable Characters

  • Billy Bob


  • Cowboy bounty hunter named Billy Bob attempting to save the west by hunting down and defeating 10 western outlaws

  • Bosses: Master, Roy, Ninja, Cutter, Pig Joe, Wolf Chief, Goldsmith, Los Pubro, Fat Man, Wingate Family

Misc Notes

  • Special Items upgrades include: Horse (3 hits protection), boots (speed), various ammo upgrades for rapid fire & range, and the yashichi (1up)

  • Cattle skull reduces Billy's power

  • As you progress in the game your maximum health meter increases

  • Ports had several differences from the arcade version including less bosses, appearance changes, name changes, and more weapons.

  • Sometimes referred to as Commandos younger brother

  • One of the toughest shoot em ups created for arcade, round 6 the difficulty really steps up

  • Yoshiki Okamoto's first game at Capcom (also created Final Fight and Street Fighter II)

  • One of the most successful cabinets in 1986

AOM Gaming Notes

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