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Captain America and the Avengers (Arcade-1991)

Play Date: Aug 8, 2021

  • Developer: Data East

  • Publisher: Data East

  • Beat 'em up

  • Gameplay

    • 5 Stages

    • 4 player, 4 max simultaneous

    • Controls

      • joystick: 8 way

      • buttons: 2

        • Attack

        • Jump

  • Playable Characters

    • Captain America

      • Power: Cap's shield

    • Iron Man

      • Power: Repulsor ray

    • Vision

      • Power: Solar beam

    • Hawekeye

      • Power: Bow and arrows

  • Plot

    • Red Skull and his crew of villains is trying to take over the world. Captain America and the Avengers are out to foil this plot.

    • Villains list: Klaw, Living Lazer, Whirlwind, Grim Reaper, Wizard, Sentinel, Mandarin, Ultron, Juggernaut, Crossbones, and Red Skull

  • Misc Notes

    • Great voice acting but written by non english speakers which leads to some funny dialog

    • Small but colorful sprites

    • Cabinet came in two forms a 4 player where each joystick was assigned a character and a 2 player where characters were selectable

    • Arcade game was well received but the ports, especially the NES, were not very good

  • AOM Gaming Notes

    • [Post Play Notes Here]

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