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64th Street: A Detective Story (Arcade-1991)

64th Street: A Detective Story

Play Date: November 7, 2021

Jaleco - 1991

Beat 'em up


  • 6 stages

  • 2 player, 2 max simultaneous


  • 8 direction joystick

  • 2 button (punch/jump)

  • Special Move = FWD + Punch

  • AOE clear/life drain = Punch + Jump

  • Background toss = Grab then up followed by punch


  • Set in 1939, Rick and Allen fight their way through a variety of thugs on their way to save the daughter of a rich man who was kidnapped by the Legacy corporation


  • Rick Norton

    • rough looking private detective

    • slower but stronger

    • special attacks: invincible uppercut, straight flaming punch

    • resembles Haggar from Final Fight

  • Allen Tombs

    • 19 year old reformed delinquent

    • faster but weaker

    • special attacks: 360 somersault, dash tackle

    • resembles Cody from Final Fight

Misc Notes

  • Jaleco is also known for the Bases Loaded baseball series and the Rushing Beat trilogy for SNES

  • Very similar to Final Fight (Capcom - 1989)

  • Rick and Allen make a cameo in the Jaleco game Chimera Beast

AOM Gaming Notes

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