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Mario Bros (Arcade-1983)

Mario Bros

Nintendo - 1983

Arcade platformer


  • 22 Levels, then it loops

  • Player 1 controls Mario and player 2 controls Luigi

    • Both play the same

  • Players can work together or try to knock each other into enemies

  • Hit the platform below the enemy to flip them over then kick them to knock them into the water to eliminate them

    • Some enemies take multiple hits from below to flip

  • Green and Red fireballs will appear and will eliminate the characters, they also can be hit from below the platform

  • Hit the POW block to flip enemies and destroy fireballs, each block has 3 uses


  • 2 way joystick (left/right)

  • 1 button (jump)


  • The Mario Bros, Mario and Luigi, are plumbers that together to battle turtles, crabs, and fighterflys while collecting coins along the way


  • Mario - Player 1

  • Luigi - Player 2

Misc Notes

  • This game was Luigi's first appearance in a game

  • Luigi's name came from a pizza parlor near the Nintendo headquarters in Redmond, Washington called "Mario and Luigi's"

  • The music that plays when Phase 1 begins is part of Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik

  • Three death sprites; generic, frozen, and fire

  • Released one day before the Famicom console

AOM Gaming Notes

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